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Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
on their way to lebanon. they were going to be handed over to hezbollah. hezbollah is very powerful in lebanon, israel's sworn enemy. israel did not want hezbollah to have these weapons. what does it mean? hezbollah and israel could be heading up for another round. it also means israel is willing to reach inside syria and stop weapons from leaking out, maybe even chemical weapons. >> an escalation in a dangerous neighborhood. richard engel, thank you, as always. >>> still ahead for us tonight, a dramatic turn of events for a man who was once a heartbeat from a presidency. and what about those reports he's suddenly $100 million richer. >>> and later, perhaps the only two folks in america who wish the super bowl could end up in a tie. >>> former senator, vice president and presidential nominee, al gore, is out with a new book, entitled "the future." and while he's getting credit for being out ahead on the issue of climate change for years, he is also facing some criticism for selling the tv network he owned to the al jazeera media empire, owned by the oil-producing nation of qatar. nbc's andrea
Jan 31, 2013 4:00am PST
are rising after the military strike in syria and hezbollah. >>> plus, she performed at the president's inauguration. now she's another victim of chicago's growing shooting murder rate and police want answers now. "early today" is back in two minutes. blood pressure >>> and welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. israel launched a rare air strike inside syria. u.s. officials believe it targeted a convoy bound for hezbollah militants in lebanon. >>> massachusetts senator john kerry gave a sometimes emotional good-bye speech wednesday to his senate colleagues. >> standing here at this desk that once belonged -- at this desk that once belonged to president kennedy and to ted kennedy. i can't help but be reminded that even our nation's greatest leaders and all the rest of us are merely temporary workers. >> kerry will be sworn in friday as the next secretary of state. >>> white house spokesman jay carney said the president is praying for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton who was gunned down on tuesday in chicago. pendleton had performed with her high school band at last w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2